The Python developer vacancy is one of the current job openings on our website because we use Python in web and mobile development tasks and machine learning.

Our Python developers work with full-stack frameworks such as Django, Web2py, and microframeworks, including Flask, Pyramid, Tornado, Aiohttp. We implement our projects for clients from Western Europe and the USA. All our customers have high requirements for the product, so working on our projects is not always easy but very exciting.

Key Python Developer Skills We Require

  • Expertise in Python and Django, Flask, Pyramid, Tornado frameworks
  • Knowledge of HTML, REST, JSON, CSS, Web Sockets, Canvas
  • Ability to understand database management systems
  • High proficiency in SQL. (The experience working with relational databases and the ability to use ORM will also be useful.)
  • The ability to set up online machines with the help of various tools
  • In-depth understanding of the differences between Python2 and Python3
  • Solid communication skills (Intermediate English and higher is essential)

What Tasks do Our Python Developers Work on?

Our Python developers perform different tasks working on our projects, including:

  • Web services development
  • Hardware and software system automation
  • Integration of services and platforms
  • Machine learning and computer vision tasks
  • Embedded solution development
  • Data & Analytics Data & Analytics tasks (big data processing)

Our specialists work on projects in various domains, including healthcare, entertainment, finance, marketing, e-commerce, and others.

Why Should You Join ISsoft?

We are ready to choose a project for you to apply and improve your expertise and skills. Our company values our specialists’ experience and offers a decent salary. Besides, ISsoft has its Training Center, where employees with any background can learn in different specialties.

Our company takes care of our employees and provides them with excellent employment benefits, including health insurance, free English classes, delicious hot lunches in the office, and other bonuses. We regularly hold in-house meetups, conferences, and hackathons. In addition to educational events, we also organize corporate events, team building, Happy Hours, and others.

How Can a Python Engineer Join Our Company?

To become part of our growing Python team, you need to fill in a short online form, write a cover letter, and attach your CV. Our HR manager will promptly contact you and invite you to an interview in the office.

Haven’t you found an appropriate vacancy but have a strong desire to join our company? Please send your CV, and we’ll get back to you when we have a project that you would get interested in.

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