Since the first day, ISsoft has opened vacancies for Senior and Middle Java Developers for working with clients from the USA and Western Europe. Our Java Department counts 120+ specialists who are enthusiastic about their job. Our specialists take part in building cross-platform web and embedded applications, native cloud solutions, and mobile apps. Our primary focus is enterprise solutions for data processing and workforce and business process automatization.

We develop high-load, fell-safe systems, complex distributed back-end systems, and projects with multithreading data processing. We also implement scalable BI infrastructures and Machine Learning.

ISsoft’s Java developers are involved in healthcare, finance, e-commerce, media, e-learning, sports projects, etc. These are a few case-studies that our specialists are working on right now:

  • Development of a high-load platform for targeted advertising.
  • Development of a system for forecasting prices by input parameters and optimizing the final cost of airline and hospitality services.
  • Implementation of Robotic Process Automation to optimize business processes in call centers.
  • Development of software for tank control at petrol stations: programming of fuel sensors, liquid residue analytics.

What Skills are We Looking for in a Java Developer?

  • Strong skills and experience in Java 8-12, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Web Sockets, Reactive Streams, WebFlux platforms and Hibernate, iBATIS, TopLink, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB databases.
  • Understanding of relational DBMS operation principles is a must.
  • Ability to write not only working but also clean and beautiful code. Skills of reading someone else’s code and refactoring.
  • Understanding of the TDD concept importance.
  • Interest in developing architectures with a high margin of safety and following best practices.
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.
  • Upper-intermediate English and higher.

Why Is ISsoft a Comfortable Place for You to Work?

We are happy when our employees like the projects they are involved in. The company accurately assesses our specialists’ experience and knowledge and appreciates their work; that’s why our employees receive decent wages. Besides, at our company you can develop yourself in your field or learn new skills at ISsoft’s Training Center. At lunchtime, you don’t need to look for a place to have a meal as you will always find a hot lunch in the company’s kitchens. You will get these and other benefits at ISsoft.

Are you interested in working as a Java engineer in our company? Then we suggest you fill out a short online form. Our HR-manager will get your application and promptly contact you to invite you for an interview.

Even if you haven’t found an appropriate position, but you would like to work for ISsoft, please, apply for a job via the form at the bottom of the page. We are studying all the applications carefully and will be happy to offer you cooperation if we can find a job in our team that matches your knowledge and experience.

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