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The international IT company ISsoft is hiring web and front-end developers. Our full-stack teams develop projects in e-learning, healthcare, finance, sport, e-commerce, and other domains. Working in our department, you’ll solve challenging tasks for our clients from the USA and Western Europe.

Web Front-End Developer Jobs

We aren’t just looking for HTML/CSS layout designers but for specialists ready to cover a wide variety of tasks, ranging from the basic layout design to the implementation of high-load enterprise-solutions. To work on our projects, you will need an in-depth knowledge of HTML/CSS, Native Javascript, and JS frameworks.


You must be experienced working with Canvas and using preprocessors (SASS, PostCSS, Stylus, LESS), CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Material-UI, Materialize CSS), flex and grid properties in addition to the perfect knowledge of HTML and CSS.

We’ll be glad to hire specialists with excellent expertise in BEM/OOCSS/CMACSS methodologies/architectures, and a deep understanding of the semantic layout (an ability to select appropriate HTML elements isn’t enough for our positions).

Native Javascript and JS Frameworks

Our front-end developers are involved in building traditional web-apps, SPA, PWA, and hybrid applications. Most projects are based on Angular, React, and Vue.js. We are open to new trends and technologies; that’s why we use tech novelties, including Typescript, Socket.IO, and others.
Working on our projects, you’ll need to apply your expertise in automation tools (Webpack, Gulp, Docker).

The React and Angular developers’ vacancies are mostly in demand at ISsoft.

Web Back-End Developer Jobs

Our web developers create e-commerce solutions, data processing and analysis systems, web APIs, integrate AI into solutions, etc. Most of our projects are high-load applications, distributed systems (for example, using microservice architecture), and others.

Our developers work with different technologies, including PHP, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.JS.

Additional requirements:

  • Expertise in RESTful API and communication protocols (gRPC, SOAP)
  • Ability to write integration and unit tests
  • Knowledge of SQL (Experience working with relational (MySQL) and non-relational (ElasticSearch, MongoDB) databases will also be useful.)
  • Ability to work with message queue brokers
  • Knowledge of and experience working with monitoring tools (NewRelic, ICINGA)
  • Experience working with cloud technologies (Azure, AWS)
  • Understanding the process of code deployment and delivery to the environment
  • Knowledge of graph theory
  • Ability to determine the complexity of algorithms

We communicate with clients daily, so you’ll need to know English at an Intermediate level and higher.

You may have little experience, but would you like to start your career at ISsoft as a junior front-end developer? We have our Training Center, where we train employees with any experience in different areas. We’ll be happy to see your application for training.

Why will You Enjoy Working with ISsoft?

  • Continuous training. You’ll be able to master your professional skills in our Training Center, share your expertise at meetups and hackathons, and take part in the annual tech conference ISsoft Insights.
  • Benefits. Health insurance, English lessons, free hot lunches in the office, regular team building, Happy hours, corporate parties, discounts, and bonuses are waiting for you at ISsoft. Besides, our employees play team sports and take part in competitions.
  • Decent salary. We value our employees’ experience and knowledge, so we offer them a decent wage.

Are you interested in one of ISsoft’s front-end/web developer jobs? Feel free to apply by filling the online form, attaching a cover letter and CV. Our HR-manager will contact to invite you to an interview in one of our company offices.

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