ISsoft’s .NET department, with its 270+ talented specialists, is the largest one in our company. Our developers build software products for clients from the USA and Western Europe. The number of projects is continually growing; that’s why we regularly open vacancies for middle and senior .NET (C#) developers. A wide variety of project domains (retail, finance, healthcare, media, and others) allows every .NET engineer to get a job according to their interests.

We appreciate .NET developers’ abilities to solve practical tasks at every application level (full stack):

  • database (MS SQL, Mongo, CosmosDb);
  • backend (.NET / .NET Core);
  • frontend (Angular/React/Vue/MVC).

In addition to our major project activities, you’ll be able to participate in the work of architecture groups involved with R&D projects in Machine Learning and Blockchain.

What do We Expect from an ASP.NET Developer?

  • 2+ years of proven experience working with .NET Framework / .NET Core (C#)
  • Understanding of basic object-oriented design principles, such as SOLID, KISS and DRY
  • Understanding of and experience with basic design patterns (decorator, adapter, and factory)
  • Experience writing unit tests. Knowledge of basic principles of unit test building, for example, AAA. Experience applying popular libraries for unit-testing: NUnit, xUnit, MSTest, and others
  • Experience working with relational databases such as MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.

We welcome your experience working with:

  • Non-relational databases, including MongoDB , Redis, Elastic Search, etc.
  • Modern JavaScript-frameworks such as Angular, React/Vue, assembly systems (webpack), and CSS preprocessors (LESS and SASS).
  • Azure and AWS, including experience with queues (Azure Service Bus, AWS SQS, AWS SNS), functions (Azure Functions, AWS Lambda), authorization/authentication (Azure AD, Amazon Cognito).

We appreciate your experience working with front-end toolkits such as the Bootstrap library and understanding how to build markup using Flexbox and CSS Grid.

The Key Requirements for a .NET (WPF) Developer

  • Experience in C# development
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
  • Expertise with .NET Framework and .NET Core
  • Experience with WPF (MVVM).
  • Experience working with relational databases
  • Abilities to work with client-server technologies, including Dependency Injection (MS Unity), Prism, TDD, NHibernate, MEF
  • Knowledge of SQL

There are fewer desktop development projects, but they are no less exciting. Most of them are developed using .NET Core 3.X.

Why Is It Worth Joining ISsoft?

We stand for the quality without compromises: no more than one bug is found at one release. We set a high standard, but it is beyond experienced .NET developers’ abilities who are ready to:

  • maintain and improve their code at all stages and make improvements if necessary.
  • develop and test releases (unit tests, integration, and end-to-end testing).
  • integrate and support systems through various communication methods.
  • improve their skills when working with more complex projects.
  • implement bold ideas and potential – our clients are open to dialogue.

In addition to exciting work and non-trivial tasks, ISsoft provides its employees with excellent company benefits, trains them in our Training Center, holds meetups, hackathons, corporate parties, team building activities, and an annual technical conference. Besides, in our company, there’s Innovation Sandbox – a start-up hub to turn ideas into reality.

Do you want to work in ISsoft’s .NET team? Apply for ASP.NET or WPF developer jobs on our website. We will invite you to the office and tell you more about the upcoming work. Other job offers can be found here.

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