Data & Analytics

ISsoft’s Data and Analytics department has been developing for 10+ years. We help our clients solve a wide variety of data-related issues, ranging from building high-performance, fell-safe data pipelines to developing data warehouse systems that allow companies to stay efficient and be a step ahead of their competitors.

Here are a few examples of projects that our BI developers take part in:

  • Creating an analytical platform that provides information support for making strategic and operational decisions and allows passing regular external audits timely and successfully. The platform is built for a large U.S. insurance company.
  • Optimizing a high-load platform for processing media views data. The platform allows advertisers to run advertising campaigns in the best possible way.
  • Building a system that allows companies to formulate Amazon Marketplace’s brand growth strategy and monitor its implementation efficiently and professionally.
  • Creating a Cloud Integration Platform will be the primary data source for the efficient operation of the largest food delivery company in the United States.

We are continually opening vacancies for developers who are interested in working with data in all its forms. Our team needs Database administrators (DBAs), BI Developers, Data Quality Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers specializing in traditional databases and ETL processes and Big data and Cloud solutions. Other specialists are also in demand in our Data and Analytics department.

What Skills do We Look for in a Data Engineer?

  1. In-depth knowledge of SQL and one of the programming languages (Scala, Java, Python).
  2. Experience working with Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Flink.
  3. Experience working with cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure).
  4. Understanding of distributed storage and data processing systems.
  5. Understanding of relational databases.
  6. Solid knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

BI Developer Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Analyzing business processes and assessment of how management expectations relate to the reality reflected in the data.
  2. Building human-friendly data models that help non-technical users analyze data efficiently.
  3. Creating concise reports and dashboards, allowing business users to control and manage the enterprise’s effectiveness.

Why is ISsoft an Excellent Place for You to Work with Data and Analytics?

We offer many exciting tasks, ranging from low-level optimization of system bandwidth to data mining and anomaly detection. Almost every specialist in our department works closely with a client and can influence the results and an initial task assignment. We will find you a project with a specific focus, where you can implement your experience, knowledge, and skills, as well as acquire new ones.

ISsoft has its own Training Center where we train junior and senior specialists of our company. We regularly hold meetings and hackathons; our employees participate in international conferences. Besides, we offer ISsoft employees many bonuses, including hot lunches, English lessons, medical insurance, corporate parties, team-building activities, and others.

How do Data Analysts Get to Us for Interviews?

You are one step close to joining ISsoft’s team. You just need to fill in a short online form on our website and attach a cover letter with a brief story about yourself and your experience. Our HR manager will contact you promptly to invite you to an interview.
Do you want to work for our company, but you haven’t found an appropriate vacancy? Apply for a job anyway, and we’ll study your application and save it in the database to offer you a job when we open new vacancies.

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