C++ is among the TOP 5 most demanded languages. ISsoft’s C and C++ developers implement a lot of projects in this language, so we are continuously adding job vacancies for middle and senior developers. We offer a decent salary, constant, exciting tasks, and the opportunity to develop their potential.

In ISsoft’s C and C++ department, our developers successfully build cross-platform, mobile, and embedded applications, create high-load servers and backup systems, and do system programming. Our projects are product and enterprise solutions in Engineering, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, Agriculture, and other domains.

What Are C and C++ Developers’ Key Skills?

  • Software design and development. Working as a C and C++ programmer implies designing and creating low-level systems, application programs, device drivers, high-load servers, firmware, and various applications. For our work, we use MS Visual Studio, Qt Creator, XCode, Keil µVision IDE, Eclipse, Netbeans, GNU GCC, Qmake, Cmake, Nmake, and GNU make. We also hire developers who have experience working with Qt/QML, MFC, ATL frameworks, and STL, Boost libraries.
  • Testing and implementation. We implement unit testing in all our projects, so your experience working with Gtest, boost unittest framework, MS Unit Testing Framework, CppUnit, and QTest will be useful. Besides, our teams use TeamCity, Bamboo, TFS, Jenkins for Continuous Integration.

We encourage C++ developers to master their soft skills and are happy to hire specialists who can work in a team and are ready to do their best for the whole team result.

What do We Offer C and C++ Developers?

  1. Challenging projects. No monotony – our every project is unique. We have a lot of work, and we need C++ programmers who aren’t afraid of challenges.
  2. Continual growth. Our projects and continuous training are the opportunity to master your skills and grow to the Architect level.
  3. Decent Salary. We adequately assess our specialists’ knowledge, skills, and experience and offer an excellent social package.
  4. Comfortable office and friendly team. Our employees enjoy free hot lunches every day in addition to a spacious workspace and well-appointed recreation areas. The teams create an atmosphere of knowledge sharing and mutual help.

You Are Welcome to Join ISsoft!

We are continuously updating our vacancies for C and C++, that’s why we’re waiting for your CV, even if you haven’t found an appropriate option for you on our website. We study all applications attentively and will be glad to offer you a job on our projects.

Besides, you can learn about our vacancies for C# (.NET) developers.

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