ISsoft Remote
‘’I can work from any location…’’
‘’It’s a pleasure to be part of a large team of professionals...’’
‘’All profits of a big company but working from home…’’
‘’Challenging projects, stable teams…’’
‘’Sick leave, vacation, benefits! I haven’t thought I can have them working from home.’’

ISsoft Remote

ISsoft’s development centers are located in Minsk, Brest, and Lviv. How can you get all the advantages of working in our company, living in another city? Apply for the ISsoft Remote program. We provide the opportunity of full-time remote work for IT specialists from any location in Belarus and Ukraine.

You can join our team and enjoy all the benefits of working with us without changing your place of residence and lifestyle:

Official employment

Officially declared salary


Sick leave

Lots of employment benefits, including medical insurance, free English lessons, etc.

The members of the ISsoft Remote program work with projects for top clients from the USA and Western Europe together with ISsoft’s teams from Minsk, Brest, Lviv, Sofia, and Minneapolis. Regardless of the software development methodology, we don’t use automatic time tracking systems at our company.

What do You Need to Join the ISsoft Remote Program?

Citizenship or permanent residence permit in the Republic of Belarus or Ukraine

Registration and permanent residence in Belarus or Ukraine

We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and tell you more about the working conditions of ISsoft Remote. To start working with ISsoft remotely, please get in touch with us via the contact form below or by sending an email at

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