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Minsk is the capital of Belarus, a two million European city with a well-developed IT sector. Life in Minsk is slow-paced, comfortable and safe. The IT sphere is actively developing here thanks to the unique preferences for Hi-Tech Park Belarus. The professional community counts more than 100,000 IT specialists, many of whom began their careers in Russia, Ukraine, European Union and other countries.

Global companies’ development centers are successfully evolving in Minsk.
In 9 out of 10 cases, the customers of IT projects are from the USA or Western Europe. Local start-ups attract investments worth millions and make bright business exits, becoming a part of Google or Facebook.

Belarus compares favorably to neighbors by its inexpensive and high-quality healthcare and education systems. You can choose between modern public and private medical centers, preschools and schools.

Belarus is an open economy. Citizens of hundreds of countries (including the US, Canada and the EU, not to speak of nearby neighbors have the right of visa-free entry to our country. Our company can make job offers to foreign professionals without additional permissions and residence permit. After new employees start work, we help them complete the small paperwork necessary for permanent residence in Belarus.

Work in a large international IT company with offices in the USA, Belarus and the EU. The opportunity to use trending technologies on exciting projects for market leaders. An excellent team of professionals, professional growth and development possibilities, participation in R&D, and professional studies in the corporate Training Center. A comfortable atmosphere and a stable high income. Thanks to the preferential tax treatment of Hi-Tech Park Belarus, only 10% of taxes are taken from ISsoft employees’ salaries, and these taxes are filed and paid by the company.

Our company has a unique ISsoft Welcome program that provides an all-round support for your relocation, starting from the airport transfer. We offer support for you and your family’s relocation and do all of the paperwork necessary to get employed. ISsoft pays your rent for the first two months and offers a “lifting” bonus for you to move. You can use all of ISsoft’s social benefits, including medical insurance, just like the other employees in our company.

Belarus is not only about Minsk’s wide avenues and modern offices. Belarus is located at the center of Europe and it’s a great place to start traveling: it takes only a one-hour flight to Warsaw, two hours to Vienna and Berlin, three hours to Paris and Rome.

In Belarus there are lots of places where you can relax and enjoy nature and get absorbed by its incredibly interesting history.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions and tell you more about working conditions in ISsoft. You can contact us via the application form on our website or at job@issoft.by

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