Junior QA Engineer


QA engineers are in demand because they test software products at every development stage, including technical documentation testing. ISsoft has a large QA department; many specialists started their career in the company, applying for a junior QA tester and successfully completed Junior Manual QA training in the company’s Training Center.

  • Duration: 5-6 weeks. The training starts immediately after an interview and employment.
  • Delivery mode: full time
  • Requirement for all candidates: higher education, at least Intermediate level of English, QA testing training course is optional.
  • The training is free of charge.

Theoretical knowledge is immediately applied to practice. All the cases you work with are real, so you’ll gain experience while learning. Professional trainers with over four years of experience will share knowledge with you. They will teach you testing basics, give you assignments, check them, and support you during the training period.

We guarantee employment as a junior QA engineer and work in tandem with the best testing team for those who successfully complete the internship.

What do We Teach Junior QA Engineers?

  • Basic principles and approaches in testing
  • Creating different types of test documentation
  • Communicating using IT terminology
  • Identifying inconsistencies in the requirements for the product
  • Test software functionality
  • Using tools for testing
  • Assessing the bugs identified
  • Principles of intercultural communication
  • Basic approaches to product development

How to Join ISsoft?

It’s easy because we don’t require interns to provide high experience in testing or a portfolio with hundreds of cases. The main thing for us is your knowledge and desire to work. We’ll consider the applicants who:

  • Have a general understanding of client-server architecture.
  • Understand the primary methodologies of software development.
  • Know the main approaches in testing and what they are aimed at.
  • Skilled in using Windows or Linux at a level sufficient to install complex software.
  • Can read data from a chart with filters and connect two charts by key fields (SQL).
  • Know what brainstorming is.
  • Can communicate ideas.

Of course, a junior QA engineer should have critical thinking and perseverance, quickly switch between tasks, competently set priorities and deadlines, have excellent communication skills, and accept constructive criticism.

If you have experience working as a QA engineer, we’ll consider you for our client projects.

What Are ISsoft’s Benefits for QA Interns?

Development and prospects
After successful training completion, you’ll join projects for foreign clients, where you’ll solve challenging tasks, learn from highly qualified colleagues and continually master your skills at in-house corporate training, conferences, and meetups.

We know how to evaluate an excellent job on its merits, even if a beginner does the job. We are ready to help newcomers move up the career ladder and regularly review their achievements.

ISsoft is a company that provides a lot of social benefits, including free medical insurance and hot lunches, free in-house corporate training, English courses, and various sports and corporate events.

Are you ready to try your hand at the junior manual QA engineer position? Fill in the online form on the website and wait for the call: we’ll contact you and invite you to our office as soon as possible.

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