Junior Front End Developer


Since ISsoft is growing, we recruit new employees regularly to join our team. Our Front-End and Web Development Department is staffed with front-end developers with any work experience, ranging from senior specialists to junior ones. You can be part of our company if you are looking for a junior front-end developer position.

Why are we ready to work with junior developers? After all, most junior specialists have many questions and a minimum experience for independent work on the project. Still, we are interested in growing developers for our projects.

What Are Junior Front-End Developers’ Tasks at ISsoft?

In our company, you will master the knowledge and skills required for work on real projects. Our front-end trainees perform different tasks, including:

  • developing cross-platform and cross-browser web and mobile apps;
  • building complex user interfaces that require substantial knowledge and experience;
  • implementing complex adaptive designs and integrating them with various third-party services.

Without any doubt, to perform those tasks, we need a large team of specialists. You can join our team if you are ready to take an internship as a front-end developer.

What Skills do We Expect from an Applicant?

We understand that our future trainees are junior specialists with no or minimal work experience. Still, they must have in-depth knowledge of technologies and frameworks. They need to have expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and a basic understanding of how a browser works and interacts with a server over the network.

It will be great if you have expertise in:

  • source code management systems (Git, TFS or SVN)
  • CSS preprocessors (SASS or LESS, for example)
  • at least one of the popular frameworks (Angular, React, Aurelia, ExtJS, Backbone, Knockout, Ember)
  • TypeScript

It will be a plus if you know jQuery, Node.js, Bootstrap, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, Cordova, your English proficiency is at least Intermediate level.

Personal qualities are also important:

  • Ability to work in a team and be ready to take your mentor’s criticism;
  • Desire to get into the project and learn new things continuously;
  • Attention to detail and willingness to practice a lot;
  • Understanding of personal responsibility for outcomes.

Terms of Front-End Internship

  • The internship will take two months, six hours a day.
  • It is free of charge. Moreover, you will receive a good scholarship during your training.
  • We’ll offer you a job if you complete our internship successfully.

Do you dream of fast growth from a junior front-end developer to a middle or senior one? Please apply for the job, fill in the online form, and have an interview in our office.

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