ISsoft builds the DevOps culture that makes the final product attractive for developers, clients, and users. Our three-month DevOps training course will allow you to learn up-to-date practices and tools and gain experience in using them.

Are you a beginner looking for a DevOps internship in Minsk? We train those who are ready to do their best to master the profession and be involved in high-class foreign projects during our training. Fill in an online form on the website and wait for a call. We’ll invite you to an interview in our cozy office.

What Skills are Required for Junior DevOps Engineers?

We don’t consider your experience, but we are demanding of your knowledge. Our future DevOps interns are expected to know different areas, from programming, operating systems and databases to cloud infrastructures and monitoring systems. We are looking for candidates who:

  • Know Bash, Python or Powershell syntaxes.
  • Understand and have experience working with Linux, Windows at an advanced user level.
  • Understand network building, its layers, protocols, and DNS.
  • Understand cloud systems, Saas, PaaS, and IaaS, and have experience working with AWS, Azure, GCP.
  • Have a broad understanding of configuration management systems (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, DSC) and its possibilities.
  • Have a basic understanding of containerization, Docker and its orchestration.
  • Work with SQL or NoSQL databases.
  • Have at least Intermediate-level English skills to study professional literature, documents and communicate with our clients.

Do you meet these requirements and want to get a DevOps job without experience? Are you ready to learn and test new technologies? We are waiting for you, and you’ll like the team, projects, and workplace.

What Is DevOps Internship at ISsoft?

Every junior DevOps engineer will get a deep understanding of DevOps culture. They’ll understand that everyone in the team is responsible for the result. Moreover, they aren’t responsible only for their work and the whole product ready for release. The DevOps team has common goals and problems.

We need DevOps engineers who can solve problems, understand business needs, and know how to create a product that everyone will like. Here’s what we can offer such interns:

  1. Three months of training, six/eight hours a day. Work on tasks from real company projects.
  2. Employment with ISsoft in case the internship is completed successfully. Working at our company, you’ll be involved in challenging projects with a large team of developers.
  3. While training, you’ll get not only practical knowledge but also a scholarship.
  4. Comfortable workplace, hot lunches, in-house training and events. After employment, you’ll also get medical insurance, participate in corporate teams’ sports training, visit English lessons, etc.

It’s time to try your hand as a junior DevOps engineer, ISsoft vacancies will be the first step towards a successful career.

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