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Many people think that you can’t get into IT with no experience. Are you self-confident and want to write clean, beautiful code, optimize business processes, or test applications and find all the bugs? Still, you have no experience in an IT-company. You should apply for an internship in ISsoft’s Training Center. During our training courses, that usually take about two-three months, you’ll be working on real projects’ tasks, improve your knowledge and skills, and be ready to join one of our projects.

What Internship do We Offer?

Our friendly team consists of over 1400 people, and it is continuously growing; there are three ISsoft’s offices in Minsk and Brest, which’s why we regularly open vacancies for junior software developers. Our corporate training will help you apply your knowledge and feel part of a project team. We are looking for interns, including students, to offer the following positions:

  • .NET. Do you dream of building apps with a different focus? ISsoft’s training and further internship in the company will provide the basis for solving tasks at any application level. Thanks to our .NET training, you’ll gain project experience, working with talented developers.
  • Java. Are you ready to create a cloud data warehouse, a complex web application, or a banking system with strict security requirements? You should acquire proficiency in Java development. Apply for our job positions for junior software engineers, take an internship, and gain experience in ISsoft’s Java developers team.
  • Front End. If you’ve chosen this specialty, you’ll work on many challenging tasks. You’ll learn to develop web applications based on modern frameworks, work with git and write beautiful, clear code. ISsoft’s training will allow you to start your career as a successful developer and get a job as a junior programmer, working on real projects.
  • Business Intelligence. Our BI developers are engaged in a wide range of tasks that help customers do business efficiently and be the market leader. If you are interested in working with data and are willing to learn and practice your skills, ISsoft is a great internship and training place.
  • DevOps. Do you want to become an indispensable part of your team? Are you ready to develop an architecture, describe its configurations, build infrastructure, and learn a lot? Our DevOps department can onboard engineers who will apply for our vacancy, undertake an internship in the company, and join ISsoft’s team.
  • Mobile. Is your goal to learn how to create competitive applications for iOS and Android platforms using native and cross-platform development tools? In our Training Center, junior software developers learn to create mobile apps for different domains, ranging from healthcare and sports to more specific ones.
  • QA automation. ISsoft’s training and internship will help you work with test documentation competently and quickly, conduct and automate different testing types and launch, and effectively use testing tools. If you like it, you are welcome to join our QA Automation Department. We work on many challenging projects.
  • QA manual. Manual testing, preparation of test documentation and continuous improvement of each product are complex but exciting. Do you want to learn how to do it quickly and efficiently? Feel free to take ISsoft’s training. You’ll be able to join our testing teams in three months after you complete the training.
  • Salesforce. Do you know what Salesforce is and are ready to learn to work with this system? During the ISsoft internship, you’ll learn Salesforce development basics, improve your knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming and databases during the internship at ISsoft. You’ll also gain experience working on real tasks and cases of company projects.

We also invite business analysts with no work experience for an internship. ISsoft has developed a unique training program that will help prove yourself after joining a project. During the internship, you’ll learn to work with requirements, understand clients’ business needs and have effective communication.

How to Apply for Our Internship?

If you apply for an internship in our Training Center, ISsoft, you must have the skills below:

  • Understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Understanding of polymorphism, abstract classes, and inheritance
  • Knowledge of software development methodologies
  • Ability to formulate requests and search for information effectively
  • Abilities to work in a team and argue your point of view
  • At least an Intermediate level of English

We are ready to provide a quick and successful career start for trainees who have solid basic knowledge in their chosen field and are ready to work hard. Almost all Training Center’s programs take three months (some programs may take over three months), which is enough to solidify theoretical knowledge and apply it.

Why do we train beginners? We believe that software developers, testers and other professionals should create code or write tests and eliminate bugs, and take care of the product and business’s value. Do you share our beliefs? Then apply for our training!

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