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The NearBU Project Wins the 4th Season of Innovation Sandbox

January 20, 2021

Since August 2020, ten project teams have worked on their ideas to attend Demo Day. Only four startups managed to participate in it yesterday. The three teams have won and received $2500, $1500, and $1000 accordingly.

It’s the second time when we hold Demo Day online. This time we had it online not only because of the pandemic and remote work but also to bring together startup teams from several development centers in Belarus and Bulgaria. Each group presented their project ideas in English in the form of a three-minute pitch, a three-minute presentation of their solution, and answers to questions. The jury evaluated the projects based on the declared competitive advantages, understanding the target audience’s problems, monetization strategies, and the team’s ability to develop the project.

The NearBU project developed by Angel Todorov from Bulgaria, Business Intelligence Engineer at Coherent Solutions / ISsoft, won 1st place. NearBU is somewhat similar to Tinder from the client’s perspective, but they will use it only for clothes and products with discounts. The project is focused on the Retail industry and offers a convenient tool for small and medium business owners to manage discount programs for customers located close to the store.

A friendly team from Sofia led by Nadya Borisova with their Go2Chill project won 2nd place. Go2Chill is an application to make a route for local travels based on various criteria. The 3rd place was won by the project we’ve already written about. It’s the Online Calendar project led by Vladislav Korotyshevsky. ISsoft’s .NET engineer Vladislav developed a solution that allows small businesses to create their booking lists for their services. The client can make personal notes, meetings, book various services using only his phone number.

We congratulate all the Demo Day participants on successful presentations and wish them good luck in their future projects!