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Table Tennis ISsoft Open 2021: Meet the Winners

March 16, 2021

The 3rd Table Tennis ISsoft Open 2021 tournament was held on March 13-14. Thirty-eight ISsoft’s employees took part in the competition. Daniil Deryabin won the amateurs tournament, and Alexander Zhevnyak – the professional one.  

This year the competition was exciting and challenging. Traditionally, the tournament was held for two days to compete for the semifinals and finals. On the first day, the participants were divided into several groups to play according to a round-robin system.

Twelve groups participated in the competition, and participants who took first and second places reached the main grid of ISsoft Open 2021. In turn, the players who took third place played the qualifying round on the tournament’s second day. On Sunday, the competition was held according to the Olympic system. Thirty-eight participants competed for the final and the winner’s prize.

Based on the games played for two days, Daniil Deryabin, Alexander Smotrikov, Ivan Makarenko, and Eugen Rynda reached the semifinals. Daniil Deryabin and Alexander Smotrikov played the final game. Daniil won the game and became the winner of Table Tennis ISsoft Open 2021. 

”Daniil played with a strong opponent at the 1/16 stage of the tournament, and after that game, several opponents might seem easier to play with. He really deserved his victory; he didn’t play easy games during the tournament. He did a great job’, commented on Daniil’s successes referee and tournament organizer Alexander Zhevnyak.

This season’s innovation was the additional tournament for the colleagues who have been playing table tennis for a long time and have particular achievements and more professional skills. Alexander Zhevnyak, Alexey Olshevsky, and Alexey Kastritsky played in the additional tournament. Alexander Zhevnyak won in that category.

Besides, Alexey Olshevsky, a regular participant of Table TennisISsoft Open, got the “Audience Choice Award’’ for his will to win and his intense game. 

The finalists and semi-finalists were awarded cups and valuable prizes from the company. 

‘’On the whole, I’m pleased with the tournament, and I was happy to see that there were fewer participants who canceled to take part in the tournament, which proves the high level of their responsibility. 

As for the game, we had a lot of new players join us. It’s worth noting that the guys who take part in our competitions all the time have been improving their skills. However, sometimes it depends on how eager you are to win,” Alexander Zhevnyak summed it up. 

Thanks to the company’s support and Alexander Zhevnyak’s refereeing and organizing the tournaments, Table Tennis ISsoft Open became a good tradition. All the participants are grateful to the company management and Alexander for the opportunity to feel the spirit of the competition and have a great weekend.