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Sentinel Team Wins in “Beat COVID-19” Hackathon

April 13, 2020

Coherent Solutions organized a remote hackathon “Beat COVID-19″, participants of which have developed socially significant solutions for fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, April 11th, four teams participated in the “Beat COVID-19″ hackathon: GlobAll team, UV-C team, Sentinel team and QuaranTeam.

Our colleagues from Bulgaria (GlobAll team members) created a portal for middle and small businesses. Service sector is greatly suffering nowadays from a financial point of view. A free portal would allow businesses to go online: searching for new employees and offering its customers services without paying for the platform. Milan Dokic, Ivica Pesic, Ivan Petrov, Nikolay Daskalov, Ivan Kirilov, Kiril Kuzmanov и Nikola Ananiev were members of this team.

UV-C team presented a hardware solution for fighting the pandemic. Our colleagues found a way, which allows disinfecting filters for medical professionals and other special services. The disinfected filters could be used for 12 hours straight. This team was headed by Maksim Avtonenko.

Guys from QuaranTeam developed an automated solution for testing the news for credibility. It’s quite easy nowadays to panic after spending a couple hours online reading the news, however, not all the headlines and articles depict the real situation. Polina Khilko, Dmitry Lopato, Nikolai Ischenko, Artem Nosov, Denis Guk and Anton Kolyaev worked in that team.

Sentinel Team developed a prototype of a technically complex software, which allows people to track their movements within the two-week period with the help of smartphones and wearable devices. Users could load their data into a system, which would compare it with locations of coronavirus cases and show them the risks of being infected. This solution was developed by Vladimir Yurkevich, Dmitry Lavrenov and Igor Korshuk.

The winners of the hackathon were chosen by the jury:

  • Igor Epshteyn, CEO and President, Coherent Solutions;
  • Kami Holtz, VP of Business Development, Coherent Solutions;
  • Boyan Antonov, Head of Coherent Solutions’ Development Center in Bulgaria;
  • Alexander Drobyshevsky, Innovation Director, ISsoft.

Viewers of the hackathon session also had an opportunity to influence the decision who would win the contest by voting in Workplace. Sentinel team received the highest score and won the hackathon. Vladimir Yurkevich, the captain of the team, says:

“Dear colleagues, I would like to thank our company for organizing the hackathon! I personally know how difficult it is to organize such events. It was very interesting for our team to join the solving of current problems related to COVID-19 and to watch, how the same ideas are already being implemented in different parts of the world. Thank you to all the participants who dedicated their time and joined the hackathon – I think that all projects are interesting and deserve to be implemented in real world! We would like to donate our 500$ prize to charity to help medical professionals in Belarus, Bulgaria and USA. They are on the front-line currently, saving our lives and risking theirs everyday.”

Our company will provide Sentinel team with all the necessary resources to finish developing their extremely helpful solution in these difficult times.