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Meet the Winner of the Startup Battle

July 15, 2020

Yury Lukyanenko, QA Automation engineer and the founder of the Sleeppy startup, has won in the 3rd season of Innovation Sandbox.

The 3rd season’s finalists are eight startups:

  • Dmitry Dyadin ( “TrueMus” – a music app)
  • Anatoly Androv (“Trainer AI” )
  • Katya Sankovskaya ( “Book Radar” for book-sharing)
  • Igor Efremenko (“Sportwave” – a project for monitoring the achievements of amateur players in team sports)
  • Valentina Pristavka (“ARemont”)
  • Nursultan Nurysh (“PsyMend” – a marketplace for psychologists and their clients)
  • Artem Golovnya (”Autosignature” – a vending machine)
  • Yury Lukyanenko (“Sleeppy”)

Initially, 13 projects participated in the race for victory, but not everyone managed to assemble a team and prepare the required sections of the presentation in 20 weeks. I am glad that the company does not fade away the interest in developing its projects, competitive and unique solutions in various fields” said Alexander Drobyshevsky, the founder of Innovation Sandbox

Demo Day was held online, but the rules remained the same: three minutes for a pitch, three minutes for a demo, and three minutes for questions. The jury evaluated the projects according to several criteria that included:

  • the quality of research
  • accuracy of defining the target market
  • the solution’s value and uniqueness for the target audience
  • the adequacy of the business model
  • ways of monetization

The project that scored the most points from the jury won $5000 for further development.

The winner developed a prototype and conducted the first tests of the device. It allows its users to get rid of the adverse effects of obstructive sleep apnea and improve the process of falling asleep and sleep itself. Besides, it provides additional relaxation while resting, monitoring health indicators during sleep to collect statistics for the attending physician, and even reducing the volume of snoring. It will significantly help reduce the level of stress in others.

The season of Innovation Sandbox was very active and intensive. I was not entirely sure of the victory, but I knew that my project would be on the leaderboard, as it had been worked out quite seriously. I almost didn’t feel nervous, but I felt excited during the presentation and announcement of the results. Speaking online is, of course, easier. You think over everything in advance; the text is in front of your eyes (you don’t need to peek at the notes constantly). There is no audience nearby that causes unnecessary excitement, ” the winner of the startup battle shared his impressions.

Soon you’ll be able to apply for the 4th season of Innovation Sandbox. Think of your ideas and be sure that the startup-incubator will help you work out and implement them.