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ISsoft Organized an Online Half-Marathon for Its Employees

October 1, 2020

Our employees regularly participate in different competitions, charity runs and marathons. This year, however, the Minsk half-marathon was cancelled, and ISsoft’s sportspeople decided to organize their own corporate online half-marathon.

You could join ISsoft marathon from anywhere in the world. All you needed to do to participate was to send a screenshot of your run at 3/10/21 kms with your map, total time and speed. This format allowed our colleagues from Minneapolis and Sofia to also participate.

In addition to that, a small offline half-marathon was organized for our Minsk colleagues near the Tsnyanka water reservoir. On September 26th ISsoft employees were able to run offline 10/21 km around the water reservoir. They were treated with healthy snacks and received support from friends, family and colleagues – a special bonus to running offline.

In 2019 I ran five km at the Minsk half-marathon, and I really enjoyed it. After that I found a coach and started training regularly, preparing for a half-marathon. I was very happy that ISsoft decided to organize their own marathon. I ran 21 km for the first time and it was amazing! It wasn’t easy to run, but with the support of friends and colleagues, I made it through and was even able to run the last 7 km faster. I am very thankful to ISsoft for such an event. ”
ISsoft’s Front-End & Web Engineer, Margarita Kuznetsova.

All of the half-marathon participants received memorable presents, because even a small victory of overcoming oneself is still a victory.