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Intelligent Team Building: Brainstorm Quiz Live for ISsoft’s Employees

December 14, 2020

Many of ISsoft’s employees are fond of brain games, quizzes, and they took part in offline games before the pandemic. In September, the company decided to arrange the Brainstorm Quiz online on Tester’s Day; many employees responded to the invitation. That’s why ISsoft launched a series of Brainstorm Quiz Live games for its staff. The games are held every month and bring together 12-15 five-player teams. Today the most active participants share their impressions.

Daria Levko, captain of the ‘’Cats’’ (1st place) and ‘’ASAP’’ (2nd place) teams

I`ve been playing this kind of game for about a year and a half. I started to participate in corporate games at my former workplace: quizzes, quests, puzzles, etc. In 2020, at ISsoft I played Brainstorm Quiz on Tester’s Day for the first time. I really enjoyed it! Then I took part in many games, including online ones.

I was delighted to know that ISsoft was organizing a series of games for everyone. We put a team together with my colleagues very quickly. I like almost everything, except pandemic, because we can’t just get together and play. But still, our health matters.

The last game with “ASAP” was fast and funny sometimes. We were primed for victory, so we were sad to place second. Still, we earned the same number of points compared to the winners. We’ll try not to miss an opportunity next game.

The game is divided into stages and topics, which is very convenient. You can focus only on the pictures, music, or be prepared to think about several aspects. Some questions are amusing and unusual, so it’s hard to come up with answers to some of them. Such games help broaden the mind. I want to try to play any corporate topic-based games, too.

What makes a winning team is a secret, and it can’t be revealed. I want to and play again. I’ve already applied for the next game. Time will show if I can gather the same team.

Vadim Borisenko, captain of the “Kuplyajtse Belaruskaje” team (7th place)

Initially, together with Dasha Stefanovich, we supported the idea of arranging Brainstorm Quiz games. I’ve been interested in brain games since childhood; my friends and I even created them ourselves. As far as our corporate Barinstorm Quiz is concerned, I liked how we spent our time. Even though I knew only one person, it was comfortable and easy to play with all the team. I liked the game’s questions; some of the answers seemed too obvious, and it was hard to guess the right answer to some questions, too. What really matters is that we had a good time, and we are going to play again!

Daria Stefanovich, captain of the “Remote Works” team (9th place)

Before the pandemic, I regularly took part in offline puzzles and quizzes. In fact, my colleagues and I were thinking about organizing a quiz, even before the Brainstorm Quiz Live’s corporate announcement. It’s great that there are a lot of like-minded people in our company. I like such games because they strain your brain, and you are continually learning something new while communicating with others.

The online format is fantastic, but cheating may take place. As for me, the goal is quite different. I’m for honesty. I hope that the opponents also don’t google anything.

Initially, I assembled a team of my project’s colleagues. It was funny as there were six guys in our team, so we had to gather another team. We grouped with the guys who didn’t have their team, and we didn’t know each other so far. But it didn’t stop us from playing, enjoying it, and making plans for the next games.

Andrey Golovkin, captain of ‘’Colorado Bugs’’ (1st place)

I’ve been familiar with Brainstorm Quiz since 2012. During this time, I even grew tired of it. For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing detective quests with friends. I took part online in Brainstorm Quiz in Engish this summer.

I liked the corporate game, and it was fun to play with colleagues. It turned out that each team player knows something that others don’t know. The team was made up of my project’s colleagues. We played for fun and didn’t even expect that we would win.

Online communication, of course, has its disadvantages. If a powerful brainstorm begins, it may turn into a noise where no one can hear anyone, so we have to calm down a little and try to speak in turn. The online game is emotionally calmer than the offline one.