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Two childhood friends, Igor and Sasha, despite being 8000 km and an ocean apart, made a decision to start an IT company together.

The first ISsoft team consisted of six people and worked in an apartment on Storozhevskaya street in Minsk, Belarus. Today, 17 years later, five of them are still working in our company.

First trip to the USA to visit the first client John Deere. When transferring, the team’s luggage was lost, containing the laptop with all the work and presentation for the client.

First crisis. John Deere project was finished and most employees were left without work.

The successful signing of contracts with several major clients. Most of them continue to work with ISsoft up to this day. There was no layoff.

ISsoft becomes a Gold Microsoft Partner.

Our company moves to a new office on Chapaeva 5, Minsk, Belarus, where it now occupies several rooms on the fourth floor. Today ISsoft team continues to work in this building, occupying, however, more than 75% of its space.

A contract was signed with a small American start-up Lighthouse 1, which would eventually develop into our company’s largest project. It successfully continues up to this day.

100th employee joins ISsoft.

ISsoft is accepted as the resident of Hi-Tech Park Belarus.

ISsoft opens a Training Center. Every year hundreds of ISsoft employees improve their skills and professional level in the Training Center, combining studies with work.

ISsoft’s basketball team wins the champion title in an IT-Spartakiada – a sports competition between teams from different IT companies in Belarus. Later, it would repeatedly defend its title.

ISsoft becomes a partner of Amazon Web Services.

Our company is included in Software 500 for the first time – a ranking of the largest IT companies in the world. Since then, we have been moving up the chart on an annual basis. 

500th employee joins ISsoft.

ISsoft becomes a Xamarin Premier Partner.

A new development center is opened in Brest, Belarus.

ISsoft is included in the Top-5 Hi-Tech Park Belarus residents chart.

ISsoft reaches the 800 employees milestone.

ISsoft organizes the first open professional technological conference ISsoft Insights.

ISsoft’s team is now 1000 employees.

Our company opens a new office on Gurskogo street 44 in Minsk, Belarus.

A new development center in Lviv, Ukraine was opened.

Briefly About Us

ISsoft is an international IT company founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Coherent Solutions, Inc. (USA).

ISsoft development centers in Belarus and Ukraine counts more than 1400 qualified professionals. Our company is included in Software 500, Fast 50, Inc. 5000, Clutch Top-100 rankings on an annual basis. ISsoft engineers have successfully realized more than 1000 projects for clients from different industries: finance, insurance, healthcare, automotive manufacturing, entertainment, tourism and hospitality. Some of ISsoft’s clients are John Deere, Daikin Applied, Lifetime Fitness and other famous brands.

Core Values

Our values are a solid foundation on which ISsoft’s work is built.
We form a corporate strategy and choose our course of action guided primarily by these values. They help us not go astray, make the right decisions, and attract the right clients and employees.

Passion for excellence
We are willing to take risks and grow by doing tasks or roles that are outside of our comfort zone. Driven by passion to learn new things and challenge ourselves, we are always looking for new opportunities for self-improvement.
Integrity and professionalism
Consistently conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity, and professionalism, without compromise.
Customer focused
We provide world class service by being proactive, anticipating customers’ needs and managing their expectations, while maintaining a laser-like focus on customers’ problems and successes.
Team above self
We are willing to sacrifice our own time, convenience, and comfort for the benefit of the team.
Results oriented
We utilize a no politics approach. Our employees are focused on creating value, while being flexible in how results are achieved. Where possible we use quantifiable metrics in determining progress.
Honors and Awards

ISsoft receives high ratings in Software 500 and Inc. 5000 charts on an annual basis. We are also a recognized partner of the leading technology companies in the world. We are happy to offer our employees work with a modern stack of technologies in a company they can be proud of.


How is work at ISsoft organized? What should new employees pay attention to? How is ISsoft different from other companies? What makes us love our work? Our employees answer these and many other questions.

Leadership Team
Alexandre Schneerson
General Manager
Gennadiy Cherkes
Technical Director
Eugen Sinkevich
Director of Projects
Andrei Yurevich
Career Development Director
Igor Epshteyn
CEO and President
Robert Duff
Chief Operating Officer
Maksim Belov
Chief Technology Officer
Dan Schneider
VP of Finance
Mike Kittock
VP of Strategic Account Management
Kami Holtz
VP of Business Development
Boyan Antonov
General Manager
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